After the Easter holidays and the vast amount of playing I did, I have rediscovered my love of playing the flute. That's not to say that I never didn't love it, but after the all auditions I did, I really wasn't in the mood for playing - which is terrible as I'm going to study it next year at (hopefully) the University of Chichester.  But taking a break then playing in Essex Youth Symphonic Wind Orchestra (EYSWO), being invited to join Essex Youth Orchestra(EYO) - has helped me realise how much I enjoy it and has made me determined to work hard again.

In EYSWO, I'm the piccolo player (humph - not the best instrument to play), usually I despise playing it as it's hard to tune and it's so high. But this time, it was actually enjoyable - blasting out those top notes XD The concert was wonderful and for once I could play piccolo properly!!
First time in EYO, was fantastic. The concert was held in Saffron Hall - a new concert hall in Essex. It was such a different experience to playing with EYPO, enjoyable and as I said before, made me realise just how much I enjoy it.


I'm currently looking into buying a new head joint to improve the sound quality and my playing in general - which I'm quite excited about. The only problem is that once I start looking into it, I begin to want a new flute. Ridiculous really as there is nothing wrong with my flute at all, has brilliant key work and the scale is also wonderful, a head joint would transform it completely. But I can't resist a new flute. Popping into the flute shop and asking to try some is actually one of my favourite things to do. It makes me so happy. It's not my fault - they are just so wonderful but I'll stick to the one I've got now.

Victoria xx 

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