I decided to get acrylic nails done for the first time ever about a month ago - just wanted to try it and see what the hype was about. They were beautiful and shiny - but actually hurt so much for at least a day. Maybe they had filed my nail down too much or maybe just  because I'd never had things stuck to my nails before but either way they were really sore. Oh well, I thought, they are really pretty and so shiny and my nails look lovely. I left them on for a month and over the weekend I decided it was time to take them off as they were getting too long (and annoying) and interfering with piano and flute playing.

This was the result!! Eurgh - I'm so upset, it's completely ruined my nails and they are so weak and brittle :( They are so thin as well that they just keep breaking so I've ended up with horrible short nails that look like I bite them! Not only that but the top layer is all flaking off and they are full of ridges. I've only had them off for a couple of days and I already miss my long healthy nails - although I never have them this long anymore (It's too hard to play flute and piano).
After realising how awful my nails are now, I went on a search of google to find products that would help strengthen them to get them back to the way they were before I ventured into the world of acrylic nails. And I came across Rimmel Nail Nurse - Nail Rescue:

I'm quite familiar with Rimmel London nail polishes anyway (I have so many in my collection of nail polishes I could probably start my own nail varnish shop) and out of the ones I have - other than Sally Hansen - I think they are the best ones I have. I have the nail nurse base coat/top coat and that seems to look after my nails whilst I'm constantly putting many chemicals and colours on to them, so Nail Rescue - Nail Nurse, Rimmel seemed like the best bet. Here begins the experiment - I really hope it works because I want my long, lovely, healthy nails back!!
Victoria xx

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