New Year!


"New Year, New Me" 
Isn't that the usual phrase people say every time the New Year comes around? I guess it's kind of true, because each new year gives you a fresh start and the slate has been wiped clean, allowing you to learn from the mistakes of the previous year, build on them and make this year an even better one. You can leave things in the past and move on from them.

What on earth happened to 2014? It seemed to go quite quickly and I'm sure this year'll do the same. Last year definitely wasn't my finest of years, let so much affect me and let myself ruin things. I managed to turn things around by the end of the year and have started this one on a positive note. Normally, I never stick to resolutions and they to out of the window almost as soon as I have made them. 
This year, however, I'm determined to stick to the ones I have made in order to make it the best year of my life. 

I hope everyone had a brilliant New Year's and that this year brings with it exciting things. The new chapter brings more of the hopes and dreams - make every minute count.

Victoria xx


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