What a Wonderful Time of Year!


Christmas, this year, was absolutely brilliant. It's the one I have enjoyed most out of recent years - and I'm not entirely sure why or even what was different about it! It was the same old things as always but it just seemed to be more enjoyable. 

To tell the truth, I hadn't even been feeling Christmassy at all. The weekend before, I'd been staying at a boarding school, away on an orchestra course. Although there were Christmas decorations and the trees were up - I couldn't get my head around the fact that it was only a few days from Christmas! I love the course and everything, but having it right before does spoil it a bit. 

Christmas Eve isn't so fun now I'm all grown up, even though the magic is still there a little bit, there isn't as much as when I was a child! I remember past Christmases and the excitement of Santa's visit - they were so much fun. Putting out the carrot for Rudolph and milk and mince pie for Santa, then being forbidden to enter the room for ages! 

Clothes were the main present item that I got given this year - awesome because I seem to be always needing new clothes! (More to put on my floordrobe)!! I don't know what happens to them! XD 

I spent the day with my family, eating and playing scrabble (with the pixiecat too of course - she has to get involved)

Then Christmas was over for another year. Boxing Day, we visited family friends in Milton Keynes!

You have to admit that Christmas is a brilliant time of year - despite the cold and often miserable weather outside! Get out the soups and the gloves, scarves and hats with the opportunities to snuggle under blankets and wrap up warm! I get a warm, fuzzy feeling and I'm ever so grateful for everything! 

   Victoria xx

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