It's December! :D


 It's crazy that it's already the 8th of December, seriously where has this year gone? Tonight is my school's Christmas Carol Service!! I was remembering last year's and looking at how much everything has changed in a year.
It being December means that it's almost Christmas!! In fact, there are... 17 days until Christmas day!! Who's excited? I definitely am that's for sure - except the Christmas holiday won't really be that much of a holiday as I have to revise (I actually have to this year - I didn't do very well at that last year) and I have lots of orchestra things to go to.
It's suddenly become very cold. There is frost on the cars and the ground in the morning and you have to wrap up warm. I want it to snow purely because we haven't had snow in ages and it's everywhere is so pretty with a layer of untouched snow on the ground.
Christmas lights and Christmas decorations - some of them look a bit tacky and cheap and others are incredibly pretty. It's such a magical time of year. Christmas films are the best and now it is more acceptable to begin watching them and listening to the Christmas albums! I just love the anticipation.
Victoria xx

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