Birthday Celebrations


  A week ago today it was my 18th Birthday. My birthday is my favourite time of year (other than Christmas - but then again who doesn't like Christmas?) mainly because you get to eat a copious amount of food and cake! Not only this but you get to feel good for one day and lots of presents of course! 
  Another reason for liking birthdays is that you get another thing you are able to do with each birthday. Last year I was able to start learning how to drive and this year, although the two definitely don't go hand in hand, I can buy alcohol for myself. Exciting! Bought my first alcoholic drink last week though admittedly not for myself. 
   I didn't really do very much for my birthday other than spend the weekend with my boyfriend which in all honesty was fine for me. He was so lovely and bought me such a beautiful ring! He took me out for dinner the night before as well. We went to The Lion Inn which was yummy! Their calamari is the best dish!! 
   My mum bought me a wooden music stand. I have been wanting one for ages as I think they are lovely and are much sturdier than metal ones which is brilliant considering the amount of music I normally have on a music stand at one time ^.^ she also baked me my cake and decorated it herself - such a clever lady! It's all gone now but was delicious! 

   She used the Motto Theme from my favourite piece - Tchaikovsky 6 and used icing to write it on the top ^.^ I had to try and guess where it was from which took a while despite the fact I knew where it was from. 

Victoria xx


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