Meeting someone for the first time in FOREVER!


Lucy (the girl on the right above) and I have been talking since we were starting secondary school. I knew her through her Grandpa, who happened to be my sister's godfather. We started talking because both of us play the flute and also neither of us seemed to have many friends at the time so he decided it was time for us to both talk.
We'd been talking for nearly 5 years and we were always talking about meeting up - but neither of us ever found the time to actually meet up. One Sunday, I knew her Grandpa and his wife were coming to ours to have dinner and suddenly I heard from my sister who was sitting in the window of my room 'Lucy is here'. This shocked me so much, especially as seeing as we had been talking for so long and never actually met up! She surprised me as she had not mentioned anything about coming to see me. It was incredibly long overdue.
It was such an incredible day and we spent the afternoon playing the flute, duetting together and just talking. I'm so glad we have now met!

Victoria xx

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