Exam Results, The Proms and a Golden Flute


Results day soon came around quickly. It was something I was trying to not think about for the whole of the summer, mainly because I knew how bad they were going to be. I was sure of it - especially as by the time it came to exam period I was really ill and everything I had been suffering with the whole year came to a head and just blew up. It really was the worst possible time for it to all come to the surface as I knew how important this year was - but that didn't stop me from becoming a massive pile of stress and a blubbering mess curled up on the floor in a ball. I woke up on the morning of results day feeling rather sick with nerves - despite knowing that once I had picked up my results, Mum and I would be off to London to meet her friend and then go to the Proms. As expected, when I looked at the sheet of paper, I was not at all happy with what was written on the paper. In fact, I shed a tear or few at the fact they were so bad. Some of the results I didn't even understand why they were so bad because I was expecting them to be much much higher than they were. Luckily though - unlike some people, I did enough to get back in to the college and then I was much luckier in the fact Spanish let me back on the course despite getting below what I should have done to get back on to it. This year, I have to work my socks off otherwise that'll be it.

Anyway, I picked up the results, discussed them with my mum and then we were on a train up to London. Met up with her friend from Gibraltar and had a lovely lunch at Prezzo. Then we left Mum's friend in Victoria Station and we hopped on a train to go to my flute shop.
They are always so lovely and so helpful in the shop and also let me try out some flutes. (I'm a massive kid in a toy shop when I'm in the flute shop - sounds silly, but I think any instrumental musician would understand how I feel) So they bring out some flutes to let me play on - I open the case and in it is a 14 Carat Gold Flute worth A LOT of money! Around about £30,000 I reckon! But anyway I felt so lucky to have the privilege to actually be able to play this magnificent flute, it allowed me to take my mind off the rubbish results I had received. Not only this, but while I was playing in the music room - just trying the two beautiful flutes I had been given to try and practising my audition pieces, Professor William Bennett of the Royal Academy of Music walked in to the shop and was just there. In the shop as I was playing, without me even realising! When the shop owner told me this, it honestly made my day so much. It cheered me up after such an awful start to the day.

After this wonderful afternoon in the flute shop, Mum and I headed to the Royal Albert Hall, because we were watching the proms. It was a programme of Sibelius and Finlandia was played. I actually love this work especially as I have played this work. So I know it quite well. It was nice to hear it played by professionals. The whole evening was fantastic and I just wanted to be down there on the stage playing the music along with the other flautists who were playing. Especially as the following week, I embarked on my two weeks of Essex Youth Orchestras - Essex Young People's Orchestra and Essex Youth Symphonic Wind Orchestra Tour to Holland! (Which were both absolutely amazing!)

Unfortunately Mum and I managed to come across some difficulties on the train on the way back home. For what should've taken us about 40 minutes to get home, it took us over an hour. But it didn't matter as the day had been brilliant. Couldn't say much the same about the next day  - but that doesn't matter as much because that was the next day - and another story entirely.

Victoria xx

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