Who knew a phone meant so much?


Seriously when did a small hand held device which can be used to communicate with others and as a portal to the internet, become something that means so much to someone? 

When my mum was little mobile phones didn't even exist so she didn't have anything to become attached to. But I have noticed that my phone has become such a big part of my life it's almost ridiculous. I found this out yesterday when my phone decided that it'd update - but whilst it did this it crashed and wiped absolutely everything off my phone!? No word of a lie it made me so upset and I did even shed a tear (how stupid!?) but there are things on this phone that I'm not willing to part with just yet! 

My phone means so much to me and I have meltdowns if I am parted for it! It's so stupid but I'm sure it's the same for everyone else! This is why I'm so glad that I am smart enough to have backed my phone up to iCloud as it manage to recover almost everything - minus the things I did yesterday! But heyho I can live with a day's loss as opposed to a whole 16 months worth of life! 
Victoria xx

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