Viva España


    So finally after much waiting around for the coach, after it was already pushed back from 14:15 to 18:00, we finally loaded it up and left at 19:30. We were all rather fed up as we had been waiting ages for the coach to arrive. Boarded the EuroShuttle at about 21:45 and was on the road the other side and on our way to Barcelona. Thankfully, I slept for the majority of the coach journey which made it go a lot quicker than otherwise! But I know for a fact that other people didn't sleep - so it must have been a very long journey for them. I woke up as we were passing through Paris but that is all I remember! The half of the coach I was sat in was really quiet and the following day we were all quite awake - almost like payback to those that were really noisy! Driving through the south of France into Spain was stunning and the scenery was absolutely beautiful!
    We arrived at the hotel a good hour before scheduled even before all the changes to the times! It took a while to assign rooms and be given keys but once that was all sorted, we had time to freshen up before we headed to the beach which was only a seven minute walk from our hotel! 
Suncream on we headed to the beach! 

Pineda de Mar

   The water was so refreshing after a 19 hour coach journey and it was actually blue!! Compare that to the merky brown water of the English Coast! The waves, however, were pretty scary and were monstorous!! I got pulled under by one and I thought I was never going to come up! It spun me around and I struggled to find the surface again! Water went into my eyes, up my nose and in my mouth! Soon we headed back to the hotel for dinner! After dinner, we had a quick meeting to discuss what was going to happen as we needed to rehearse - after all it was a music tour so we needed to play music - and it was decided that we were to rehearse in the morning as we were all rather tired! We did have the chance to go to a disco but Courtney and I decided against it - instead we sat on the balcony and watched lightning over the sea - beautiful!! We were soon joined by Emma and we chatted for a while! There was a bat flitting around and I also spotted two geckos!

   Monday - we spent the morning rehearsing in the disco room in the basement of the hotel we were staying in! I actually enjoyed the rehearsal time as we hadn't done enough back at school! After lunch we headed to the coach and went into Barcelona! The coach didn't seem to know where it was going and we spent ages going around in circles. 

Las Ramblas, Barcelona

   Unfortunately, we barely had time to do anything in Barcelona as we had about an hour so the teachers took us straight to Las Ramblas where we could shop. We were told to be back at the meeting point for 15:00 ready to jump on the coach, but the usual theme of waiting for the coach to turn up happened! As the coach was coming through a road it hit traffic lights and knocked them off the pole! Unfortunately the police were also there so the drivers were stopped and questioned. This made us more late, and we had a concert to get to! But luckily we made it back in time and headed to the concert! 

  It was a brilliant first concert and gave us the buzz we needed! Right on the sea front! The crowd really enjoyed it! Although a lot of the things we had rehearsed were not performed! 

Tossa de Mar 

   Tuesday - We spent the day at Tossa de Mar! One of the most beautiful places I have ever been! There was so much to do and it gave us a chance to relax! I had to double take being at the beach with 5 teachers - not a normal experience! It was a gorgeous day and the sun was hot!! The first thing we all did when we got there was run into the sea! The waves here were not as mad as at Pineda so we were safe. 

Tossa de Mar Castle

   This was the view on the hill and me and a few friends decided to climb it in the afternoon. It was beautiful and the views you got whilst you were up there were incredible! 

Up the Castle

Crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea! It's blue!!!

We also decided to venture down on to the rocks to see the rock pools. One of my friends, Matt, slipped and ended up sitting in the water! 

Because it was so hot a lot of the group got sunburnt - me included! But Mr Lovell had the best after sun in the world!! 

The concert that evening wasn't as good as the one before - but that's probably down to the location of it. 

Port Aventura

   Wednesday - the day was spent at Port Aventura, a theme park about two hours away from where we were staying so we left really early that morning. 

Woody Woodpecker seemed to be the mascot of Port Aventura - can't think why, he always used to scare me!
My group of friends only managed to go on one ride, and even then it was only the rapids - so not all that exciting! We then decided to go and keep Mrs Maddox company as she couldn't join the rest of the teachers on the rides as she is pregnant. There were 15 of us who joined her for lunch at this lovely Italian restaurant! 

This was our last day and therefore our last concert - which made it an incredibly emotional day as two of our favourite teachers are leaving! 

There were a lot of tears at this last concert mainly because a lot of the songs were dedicated to Mr Lovell and Mrs Arben! The Natives, the band at our school, sang Don't Look Back in Anger, which is Mr Lovell's favourite song. They ended the concert by singing Let It Be to us - suffice it to say we were all crying and the Spanish must have looked at us at thought what a stupid bunch of English people, why are they crying? We were also in competition with a band who turned up their amps despite it only being a rehearsal for them! Silly people!

The teachers decided as it was our last night they'd take us all down to the beach to play night volleyball! It was hilarious and a wonderful way to end the tour!

Thursday - we spent the morning in the town where we were staying as the drivers needed to rest before taking us back home. There were lots of cute little shops around so we all stocked up on presents for home! We then spent time taking pictures for memories!

Boswells College and Teachers! I will miss them all especially those who are leaving! 

  Back at the hotel we ate lunch then packed up the coach to leave! We were on the road by half two - the time seemed to go quite quickly! Barely any stops as apparently the drivers were running out of hours. One stop, Mr Lovell got out his frisbee, it was, however, lost quite a few times and the boys climbed on top of the cabins to retrieve it. 

Friday - we were through border control at quarter past 6 in the morning an then on to the ferry! As a tradition, the end of tour means awards for each and every person! I ended up with the Titanic Award for carrying on performing even though the music was blowing away!!! Haha! It was the last time the group were all together! I wrote cards on the way back to school and there were some emotional goodbyes once we were at school. 

It was an amazing trip and beats any that I have been on before! So thank you to everyone that came! 

Victoria xx

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