One Step Closer


I am one step closer to being able to drive myself without relying on adults to be with me in the car to escort an supervise me. Yayayay *party time* 

So yesterday, after having it booked initially for the 4th July, I headed off to Grosvenor House in Chelmsford to sit my car theory exam! It felt even more formal than sitting school exams - I'm not entirely sure why. The entrance hall to the centre was tiny, it almost felt quite claustrophobic. You go up steps to the first floor, through some doors and you're into the test centre. Mum was the best and she sat in the small lobby and waited for me to finish the test.

I walked into the room and could already feel my face burning up. To say I was slightly nervous and scared was a slight understatement. Walking up to the desk I felt like I was being interrogated, you hand over your photocard license and the paper counterpart and they check to make sure you are who you should be. You confirm your name, date of birth and postcode then they take the photocard and hand you a spoon with a key and a number to put your thing in a locker. Whilst you wait you have rules to rea through which explains the test step by step. You are called again and they hand the photocard to you and you go round the corner to this other woman, who confirms everything again with you and then loads your test up on the screen. She asked me if I'd been a good girl and done lots of practise so I knew what to expect! 

At this point my heart was racing and I could feel my stomach doing knots! I walked into the room, which contained many other screens and people doing their tests and sat down in my allocate booth to take the theory test. The one thing I didn't like about it was that the screen was quite old and therefore was flashing, it was rather irritating! Anyway, I didn't find the multiple choice too bad in all honesty, but my one complaint was that the hazard perception test was not that true to life, and it made me feel rather dizzy. It was quite hard to see the hazards especially as the screen was so small and it was quite dark at times. 

As it was nearing the end, my face began burning up and I got butterflies in my tummy. I walked out not knowing the results - it was weird because you collected the results there and then, usually you have to wait weeks and weeks before finding out the results. I handed my photocard to the woman outside, who handed it to the other woman at the desk. I collected my things out of my locker and was handed my results from the receptionist. 

I was so relieved to leave the room and almost skipped down the stairs to meet my mum. The first question asked was "so how did you do?" - I didn't even know myself as I hadn't had the guts to open the letter to find out my fate. I left that to my mum to find out what I'd got - she knew before I did! The look on her face though when she did read it meant that it was good news! She gave me a massive hug and said "you passed!! Well done!!" 

I actually passed with quite high scores only getting three wrong on the multiple choice questions. I was almost speechless that I'd actually passed and I still haven't read the Highway Code - instead I spent the majority of the time just using Driving Test Success apps on my phone, and rigorously doing practise multiple choice questions. Picking up hazard perception whilst driving around is one of the best things you could possibly do! Oh and practise of course!! 

The first thing I did when I came out of the test centre was to text my driving instructor and I didn't just text a straightforward message that said I'd passed - oh no - that's not how it works with him! Instead I texted him this

He is rather a good laugh and makes the lessons so funny - they go by so quickly! Plus I have known him for years as his wife and daughters used to coach me when I did gymnastics so I thought he'd appreciate that text more than a bog standard "I passed my theory" - which I found out made his day!  

Passing that honestly made MY day! I'm now one step closer to being able to drive on my own!! It was such a relief to be able to delete the apps off my phone and free up some space! 

Victoria xx

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