No Rest for the Wicked!!


As an annual tradition, Year 12 at my school take this week and designate it to Charity - hence the name Charity Week. They vote at the beginning of the year for which charities the money raised goes towards and the whole school gets involved.

So after a year of working our socks off and getting incredibly stressed, this week is kind of a week where we can have a bit of fun and give something back. From the smallest of things to IceCream and tuck shops to massive things like kidnapping a teacher - Yes Kidnapping a TEACHER and putting them in the stocks and allowing the rest of the school to chuck water over them! It is all a bit of lighthearted fun and raises A LOT of money!! 

Year 7 and 8's start raising money in their tutor groups by doing cake sales, sponsored silences etc throughout the years, as well as participating in the things that college put on to raise money - and they all compete to gain the most money. This money is then used to buy college students to use as slaves for the day - we do shop runs, go to McDonalds, hold their bags, write for them, do their classwork! 
But first we have to put on a show in front of the two years and they have to bid for the group they want - the highest bidders win the group of slaves. This is known as the Slave Auction. There are usually enough slave groups for each tutor group! Each group takes a different theme and choreographs a routine to impress the "Citizens of Rome". 
My group were the "Grannies" - we were old people at the gym doing exercise workouts - we were sold for £134! Seemed to create quite a good reaction from the crowd! One group, however, was sold for £670!!!! (Mind you they were the hot boys flashing their six packs pretending to be waiters!!) Each group did so well and put on a brilliant performance!! We all had great fun but also raised so much money!! We were sold by our old head of year, "Darius Pagieus Baldicas" or Pagey as he usually is, to his new year group, which I suppose made it all the more interesting for him!! 

Not only have the college been sold as slaves to lower school, but they have also kidnapped our head teacher!! Bundled him into a car, took him to the countryside and left him there!! This is another tradition that happens at Boswells every year, people put money in the buckets for who they want to be kidnapped and the college kidnap the person with the most money in their bucket. Being Mr Crowe's last year as head teacher of Boswells, what's better than kidnapping him ehh? 
I enjoy charity week and it's a great way of raising money for charity without doing the usual bog standard things! 

Victoria xx

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