Meet my best friend and partner in crime!


This is Pixie. She is a two year old Norwegian Forest Tabby Cat. She became part of our family 18 months ago, when one of Mum's students gave her a cat as a Christmas present, something that this student had promised for a while. It was honestly a shock though because who'd expect to recieve a cat from a student? 
She came to us as a small, rather poorly little thing who was afraid of her own shadow - looking at her now you wouldn't think it was the same cat. She seemed to settle into our house really quickly and it feels like we have had her FOREVER!!! I honestly can't think about life without her, or even what we did before she came! 
She is my bestfriend because she is always there when you need comforting! When you are ill, she lays beside you on the bed and every so often she pats your face to make sure you're okay. When you need a cuddle she is there, stroking her is wonderful! She lays there and you no longer feel alone! Even in your darkest of days when you feel like everyone is against you, Pixie is there and helps you through it. You're never alone in the house and you always have some form of company.
She may not be human and she may not be able to talk, but sometimes that's a good thing. You can cry and say things to her that won't get to anyone else. And the funny thing is she seems to understand - she can tell what mood you are in! 
She is bonkers and is such good entertainment! Who said cats were boring? She asks for her food (and her treats) runs around the house like a mad thing and hardly ever hurts you. 
I love Pixie muchly!! 

 Victoria xx

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