7th June Mum, Peter and I went to Chichester for the University open day. It was such a lovely day! The only bit of nasty weather was on the journey down there. 
The campus was beautiful and it felt homely already. It was really friendly and honestly somewhere where I would go! 
The music department is amazing!! The Head of Music is brilliant - he wears a suit and waist coat, has a scarf and hat, smokes a pipe, an epic moustache and has a monocle! 
Once the day was over, we travelled to Bognor and spent time walking along the beach and even had an icecream!! 


Mum said she wouldn't mind coming to visit me! Hahaa! We walked along the pier (which in all honesty scared me because of the massive gaps) 
But it's beautiful!! It was so hot and lovely weather! It took us, however, four hours to get back to Essex as there was a massive accident on one of the roads which we got stuck in. We had to be turned around and diverted! It made everyone slightly grumpy! But fish and chips when we got back made everything better!! 

Victoria xx

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